Nurcan Ozyazicioglu, Sevinc Polat, Hatice Bicakci.
Mothers’ use of traditional approaches in the treatment of selected child health problems.
Pak J Med Sci Jan ;26(1):126-31.

Objectives: This study aimed to understand the extent of mothers’ use of traditional approaches in the treatment of certain child health problems. Methodology: In total, 2,786 mothers with 0-12 month old babies living in central Kars, Turkey were enrolled in the study. Of those, 2,060 mothers participated in the questionnaire. Data were collected between June 3, 2006 and August 28, 2007 via an open-ended questionnaire to determine the mothers’ socio-demographic characteristics and what types of traditional approaches they used. Results: The percentage of mothers resorting to traditional approaches to treat each of the following symptoms was: fever, 17.3%; cough, 66.4%; earache, 48.3%; constipation, 74.4%; and diarrhea 40.7%. Mothers with higher education levels were less likely to use traditional practices. Conclusions: Turkey is still used as an example of the use of traditional medicine, although it is less common than in the past. Health care staff, particularly nurses, should contribute to eliminating mothers’ lack of child-care knowledge.

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