Eze C U, Okaro A O, Nwobi I C.
Women’s perception of transvaginal sonography in a tertiary hospital in Nigeria.
Pak J Med Res Jan ;47(4):83-6.

Background: Available studies suggest that pregnant women’s views on the desirability of routine ultrasound are influenced by their perceptions of its potential benefits and concern about possible adverse effects. Objectives: To assess women’s views of transvaginal sonography and to determine any correlation between their perception of the procedure and their prior knowledge and experience of it. Setting: Radiology department, federal medical centre, Asaba, Niger Delta, Nigeria. Subjects and Methods: We surveyed women presenting with various gynecologic problems or complications of the first trimester. Data collection was by self-administered questionnaires using convenience sampling technique on women attending the clinic over a period of one year. Only women who had transvaginal sonography were included. A total of 250 women were recruited and interviewed. Results: Transvaginal sonography was considered not embarrassing by 76%, acceptable by 86%, not painful by 87.2% and not stressful by 82% of the women. There were no statistically significant differences in the women’s perception of the procedure whether they had prior knowledge and previous experience of the procedure or not (P>0.05). Conclusion: The majority of the women perceived transvaginal sonography favourably. Their perception of the procedure was favourable whether they had prior knowledge and previous experience of it or not.

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