Shafiq Ahmad, Rubina Nazli, Ghosia Lutfullah.
Frequency of eclampsia and maternal complications in a tertiary care facility of Peshawar.
Pak J Med Res Jan ;47(4):79-82.

Background: Eclampsia is a potentially fatal disorder of pregnancy and an important cause of maternal mortality throughout the world. Objectives : To find out the frequency of eclampsia and its maternal complications in a public sector hospital. Patients and Methods: This prospective descriptive study was performed in the gynaecology unit “A” of Lady Reading hospital Peshawar. The study included all patients who presented with eclampsia to this unit in one year. The diagnosis was based on convulsions, hypertension and albuminuria. The list of complications included visual, cerebrovascular, cardiovascular, pulmonary, renal, haemostatic and hepatic. Obstetrical and minor complications were not recorded. Results: During the study period a total of 3090 patients were delivered in the unit with 96 cases being diagnosed as eclamptics (3.1%). Complications were seen in 46(48%) patients. Of 96 cases 11(11.5%) died. Most of the patients who died had more than one complication. Conclusion: Eclampsia is a serious threat to pregnant females and needs to be picked earlier and treated promptly.

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