Rabia Raheel, Rumina Tabassum, Ambreen Bhutto, Haris Riaz, Raheela Hanif.
Fetal outcome in cases of placenta previa - a retrospective study.
Med Channel Jan ;16(2):256-9.

INTRODUCTION: Placenta previa is abnormal localization of placenta in lower uterine segment. This condition carries risk for maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. This retrospective study was conducted to evaluate fetal out come in cases of placenta previa. METHOD; We reviewed the records of 82 cases of placenta previa, out of these 77 met the inclusion criteria. The record of the Neonates that were admitted in NICU was retrieved from pediatric unit. Proforma was designed for this study and variables of interest were recorded on it. The data was analyzed on SPSS- version 15. RESULT : Frequency of placenta previa was 3.1%%. Mean maternal age was 31.09 ± 5.38. Mean were 3.4 for parity and 4.8 for gravidity. The ratio between booked and unbooked cases was 1:3. Perinatal deaths were recorded in 27 (35.07 %) cases of placenta previa this accounts perinatal mortality of 10.95 per 1000 birth in this study. There were 9(11.69%) still births and 18(23.38%) early neonatal deaths. Take home (discharged) babies were 50(64.94%). Perinatal mortality was more among patients below 35 years age and those with high parity and major placenta previa, however these were not statistically significant. Perinatal mortality was high in unbooked cases, gestational age below 34 weeks and birth weight below 2.5 kgs these were significant as p-value for these variables were less than 0.05. CONCLUSION: Pregnancies complicated by placenta previa must be delivered in the hospitals having expertise and facilities of Neonatal Intensive Care unit.

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