Nusrat Nisar, Nousheen Aziz, Firdous Mumtaz.
Tetanus toxoid vaccination coverage among pregnant women at tertiary care hospital, Sindh Pakistan.
Med Channel Jan ;16(2):272-5.

OBJECTIVE: To find out the Tetanus Toxoid (TT) vaccination coverage in the pregnant women and to assess the factors likely to be associated with TT vaccination coverage in women of reproductive age. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: A cross sectional survey was conducted in the Obstetrics and Gynecology out Patient Department (OPD) of Isra University for the period of three months from March 2008 to June 2008. The population frame for present study comprise of all those women who came for antenatal care in the third trimester of gestation. Women were selected by the non probability convenient sampling. Information regarding demography and reproductive parameters like number of pregnancies was collected on a predesigned questionnaire. The knowledge about TT vaccination, source of information, number of TT doses received and different reasons for not vaccinated were asked from women. All the data gathered was entered and analyzed by SPSS V 16. RESULTS: Out of 307 women interviewed, 193(62.9%) women were vaccinated. Of these 124(40.4%) had received TT2, this percentage decreases with TT3 and onwards injections of TT vaccination. Majority of respondents 202 (65.7%) had knowledge about the importance of TT vaccination. One hundred ninety two (62.5%) respondents receive the information regarding the importance of TT vaccination by health care staff. Very few respondents reported the other sources of information like media, relatives/ friends and neighbors. CONCLUSION: The coverage of TT vaccination is below the WHO universal recommendations. The lack of knowledge is the main reason for it.

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