Kheo Ram Dholia, Imamuddin Baloch, Saima Athar Shaikh, Shahid Hussain Soomro, Aklema Abro.
Total and differential leucocyte count (TLC and DLC) in cases of acute appendicitis. a study of 200 cases at Chandka Medical College Hospital Larkana.
Med Channel Jan ;16(2):284-6.

OBJECT: To find out the role of total and differential leucocyte count (TLC and DLC) in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. STUDY DESIGN: Descriptive case series. PLACE & DURATION: Department of Surgery Chandka Medical CoUege Hospital Larkana from August 2007 to 31 July 2008. One year study. MATERIAL & METHOD. A total 200 patients of different age groups and both genders were included in this study. These patients were admitted through emergency department and were diagnosed as case of acute appendicitis on the basis of history, clinical examination, lab investigations and ultrasound. Total and differential leucoyte count was recorded in each case and 10,000/mm3 was taken as upper normal limit. DLC was attributed to neutrophil leucocyte count with 75% taken as upper normal limit. Conventional appendicectomy was carried out in all patients and diagnosis confirmed on histopathology. Patient having appendicular mass and appendicular abcess were excluded from the study. Data analysis carried out by using SPSS version 13.0. RESULTS: Out of 200 patients, 152 were males and 48 were females with male to female ratio was 3.1: 1. The age ranges from 08 to 70 years with mean age of 26 years ± 11.954. The incidence of acute appendicitis was maximum 75% in 2nd & 3rd decade of life. Most frequent symptom was pain in the right iliac fossa, while tenderness in right iliac fossa was commonest physical sign. T.L.C was> 10000/mm3 in 80% of patients and < 10000/mm3 in 20% patients. Neutophill count was> 75% in 73% and < 75% in 27% of patients. The negative appendicectomies were 10% with male to female ratio 1 :2.3. CONCLUSION: The combination of simple laboratory investigations, TLC and DLC along with thorough physical examination is essential for diagnosis of acute appendicitis.

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