Wahab M A, Rokeya Begum, Biswas Shaheen Hassan, Zafrul Islam, Ishrat Bhuiyan, Lubna Khondker.
Tinea pedis: a clinical dilemma in Bangladeshi population.
J Pak Assoc Derma Jan ;20(1):23-7.

Background Tinea pedis is an important public health problem because of the increase in immunosuppressive states. Large scale studies in Asia are scarce, and the baseline incidence of tinea pedis is not firmly established. Objective To find out the clinical types of tinea pedis among the Bangladeshi population. Patients and methods 200 clinically suspected cases of tinea pedis were included in this study. In all cases, samples were collected for KOH microscopy and culture. Clinical pattern and associated relevant factors were noted according to a predetermined protocol. Results Papulosquamous tinea pedis was the most common clinical pattern in 80 (40%) followed by intertriginous type in 70 (35%) patients. Hyperkeratotic pattern was found less commonly in 45 (22.5%) patients followed by bullous pattern in 5 (2.5%) patients. Conclusion The incidence of papulosquamous type of tinea pedis is relatively higher among the Bangladeshi population than other countries.

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