Muhammad Inam, Malik Javed Iqbal, Abdul Satar, Mohammad Arif, Mohammad Shabir.
Myositis ossificans of hand.
Gomal J Med Sci Jan ;8(1):90-2.

A 13 year old boy presented with a hard swelling in his right palm. According to him, he developed pain and swelling after being beaten by his teacher with wooden stick on his palm. The swelling reduced in size and the pain subsided. It was a hard, non tender, 2x2 centimeter, hemispherical lump in the right palm between the ring and little finger metacarpals. It was movable from side to side but not in line of tendons. It was neither attached to the skin nor to bones. Neurovascular status was intact. His serum Alkaline phosphatase was double the normal values. X-rays showed a bony mass in the palm. CT scan showed a well circumscribed hyper dense mass in between and volar to the 4th and 5th metacarpal. The diagnosis was confirmed by subsequent histopathological examination.

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