Arshad Ali Marwat, Zahid Ahmad Hashmi, Dastageer Waheed.
Circumcision with plastibell device: an experience with 780 children.
Gomal J Med Sci May ;8(1):30-3.

Background: Circumcision of male babies is a common practice in Muslims and Jews. Conventional dissection surgery and circumcision involving plastibell device are the methods most frequently employed. The aim of this study was to compare the complication rate of circumcision with plastibell method in children of younger and older age group. Material & Methods: It was a prospective study conducted from September 2005 to September 2009 at DHQ Teaching Hospital D.I.Khan. All the babies with age ranging from one month to five years who under went circumcision using plastibell device, as a day case procedure were included in the study. Babies with bleeding disorders were excluded. Patients were followed up for one month in order to note the complications and final outcome of circumcision. Results: Circumcision using plastibell device was performed in 780 babies. Six hundred & forty-eight (83%) were below one year of age, and 132(17%) were above one year of age ranging from 1 to 5 years. There was significant difference in complication rate in the two age groups, with higher complication rates (21.21%) in older age group as compared to younger age (2.5%) which was statistically significant. Conclusion: Circumcision using plastibell device is safe and easy method especially in younger age group with lesser complication rate.

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