Muhammad Amin Jan Mahsud, Ajab Khan, Javaid Hussain.
Hematological changes in tobacco using type 2 diabetic patients.
Gomal J Med Sci Jan ;8(1):8-11.

Background: Hematological parameters are influenced by the use of tobacco. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of tobacco on different hematological parameters in type 2 diabetics. Material & Methods: This experimental study was carried out in Department of Pathology, Gomal Medical College D.I.Khan One hundred type 2 diabetic adult patients were requested to volunteer their biodata on a given proforma. Blood samples were collected from these patients for hematological parameters. The subjects were divided into four groups: Non-tobacco using diabetics (control group), Smoking diabetics, Snuff using diabetics, and Both smoking & snuff using diabetics. Results: Among 100 diabetic patients 25 were non-tobacco using, 25 smokers, 25 snuff using and 25 both. Mean hemoglobin level of smoking diabetic group was significantly higher (16.26±1.960) as compared to (14.652±1.486) of diabetic control group. Similarly mean hemoglobin level of both smoking and snuff using diabetic group was also significantly higher (16.388±1.436). Mean eosinophil count of smoking diabetic group as well as snuff using diabetic group was significantly lower as compared to control group, (0.44±0.917) and (1.44±1.85) respectively. Conclusion: The hemoglobin level of smoking and both smoking & snuff using diabetic subjects is significantly higher as compared to non-tobacco using diabetic subjects. Similarly eosinophil count is significantly lower in smoking and snuff using diabetic subjects. The rest of the parameters are non-significantly changed.

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