Rukhshan Khurshid, Farida Munawar, Asma Fiqhat, Humera Ehsan Wyne.
Correlation of Vitamin A, Beta Carotene and Fibrinogen with other parameters in Ischemic Heart Disease.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;51(2):85-9.

Planned to find the He of biochemical parameters in the early diagnosis of IHD, 34 males and 36 females were taken with ischeamic heart disease. Results show that the level of total lipid, cholesterol and ration of chol/HDL-chol was increased, but the level of LDL, HDL-chol and triglyceride were decreased as compared to control subjects. No change in electrolytes level was observed. Level of enzymes like AST, CK-MB etc, were increased in patients. Renal function parameters were also increased. Levels of total proteine, albumin and carotene were decreased whereas the levels of globulin and vitamin A were increased in patients as compared to their controls. It is therefore concluded that in IHD not only enzyme and lipid metabolism is effected but it also shows that the constituent of lipoprotein like vitamin A and carotene level is changed. It was also observed that the severity of disease may effect on urea, creatinine and uric acid level resulting in the involvement of kidney.

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