Muhammad Ali Shah, Khan I.
Comparison between manipulation under anesthesia and hydraulic distension for treatment of frozen shoulder.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;14(1):26-9.

Objective: To evaluate and compare the outcome of Manipulation under anesthesia (MUA) and Hydraulic distension as treatment options for frozen shoulder and to see which treatment option is superior in terms of early pain relief and improved range of motion (ROM). Type of study: Prospective, Randomized trial. Place and duration of study: District headquarter teaching hospital, Dera Ismail Khan. July 2005- September 2006. Materials and Methods: A total of 36 patients were randomized to receive either method. Group A included 16 patients who underwent manipulation under anesthesia. Group B consisted of 20 patients who had hydraulic distension. The patients rece-ived supervised physiotherapy after both procedures. Both the groups were then compared regarding early pain relief and range of motion. Results: Regarding pain relief in Group A, 9 out of 16 patients reported no pain within 1 week whereas in Group B, 17 out of 20 patients were pain free within first week of procedure. Regarding active ROM, during first week in Group A, 10 patients had "excellent" while 6 patients showed "good" results. In Group B, 18 patients had "excellent" and 2 patients "good" re-sults. Conclusion: Hydraulic distension gave better results in terms of early pain relief and improved ROM. Moreover it is cost effective and carries less complication rate.

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