Hatice Tel, Havva Tel.
Quality of life and social support in hemodialysis patients.
Pak J Med Sci Jan ;27(1):64-7.

Objective: To determine the quality of life and social support of hemodialysis patients. Methodology: This study sample consisted of 164 patients receiving hemodialysis. Data were collected with a personal information form, the Medical Outcomes Study 36-item Short Form and the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support questionnaire. Results: It was found that the quality of life of hemodialysis patients is low. Women and married patients had high PCS and retired patients had lower MCS. Married patients had high a specific person support and retired patients had high friends support. Conclusion: Hemodialysis patients have a low Qol and there is a close relationship between quality of life and social support. Enabling hemodialysis patients to identify and make effective use of the sources of social support will help them to increase their quality of life.

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