Sikandar Ali Mughal, Ubedullah Magan, Jan Mohammad Shaikh.
Hypospadias Repair : A Five Years Experience.
Med Channel Jan ;5(1):25-30.

90 cases of hypospadias were operated in the Department of Paediatric Surgery, Chandka Medical College Larkana. From January 1993 to December, 1997. The most common age group was between 1-5 years (63.3%) and the most common variety of hypospadias was penile (68.8%). Chrodee was present in 76 patients (84.5%) and other associated anomalies were present in 8 patients (9%). Family history of hypospadias was present in 3 patients (3.3%). Patients without chordee were selected for single stage repair and those with chordee were selected for two stage Byar`s method of repair. Chordee was corrected in 76 cases, out of which 37 patients were waiting for urethroplasty . Urethroplasty has been done in 53 patients; single stage urethroplasty in 16 patients and two stage Byar`s urethroplasty in 37 patients. Overall complication rate of urethroplasty was 36%. Fistula was the most common complication (28.3%), We have found Byar`s method of hypospadias repair most satisfactory in our hands and adaptable to all degrees of hypospadias.

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