Mansoor Ahmad, Hina, Zahra Yaqeen, Zakirur Rehman, Atiqur Rahman, Nudrat Fatima, Tehmina Sohail.
Pharmacological profile of Salvadora persica.
Pak J Pharm Sci Jan ;24(3):323-30.

This work was conducted to investigate the various pharmacological activities of Salvadora. persica family Salvadoracea and that includes anti inflammatory, analgesic, CNS, bleeding and clotting time activity by oral administration at the dose of 300 and 500mg/kg of body weight in animal models. Acute oral toxicity results showed that crude extract of S. persica is safe up to the dose of 5g/kg body weight of animals. Carraganeen induced hind paw edema method for anti inflammatory activity, tail immersion test method for analgesic activity, Rota rod and grip strength test for CNS activity were carried out in animal models. The analgesic activity was compared with aspirin, 300mg/kg body weight, anti inflammatory activity was compared with indomethacine, 10mg/kg body weight, Transamin 250mg/kg and Vitamin K 10mg were used for bleeding and clotting time activity respectively while diazepam 5mg/kg were used as standard for behavior and CNS activities. In all activities S. persica showed prolonged and dose dependent effects. Phytochemical analysis was also carried out which showed the presence of certain phytoconstituents which possesses these properties. Therefore the results justified the traditional use of the plant.

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