Rukhsana Hassan, Adeela Rehman.
Doctor patient relationship in gynecology department of public and private hospitals of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
Pak J Med Res Jul ;50(2):75-9.

Background: Doctor patient relationship is a communication/ interaction between the doctors and patients in terms of good behavior, active listening/ attention and respect. Objectives: To find out the interaction and communication behavior and attitude of patients towards doctor and vice versa. Study type, settings and duration: Both quantitative and qualitative techniques were used through semi Structured interviews and observations. Study was done over a month at 2 public sector hospitals (Rawalpindi General Hospital and Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad) and 2 private hospitals (Maryam Memorial Hospital, Rawalpindi and Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad). Patients and Methods: Ten patients and 5 doctors from the gynecology department of each hospital were interviewed over a period of 1 month. Only hospitals with dedicated gynecology department were selected. Patients included both in and out patients who had either visited OPD more than 2 times or were hospitalized for more than 2-3 days. The pre tested qualitative and quantitative questionnaire was used where doctors were asked about the average number of patients they see each day, the time spent to see theses cases and the degree of interactive communication between them and their clients. Similarly the patients were asked about their satisfaction with doctors and the time spent to seek medical care. Results: A total of 40 patients and 20 doctors were interviewed. The doctor’s workload at public hospitals was much higher than the workload of doctors at private hospitals. The attitude and behavior of the patient towards doctors and vice versa in private hospital was better than that seen in the Public hospital and this non cooperative and less helpful attitude of the doctors was seen maximally in the genecology department of the public sector hospital. Conclusions: The heath care provider’s relationship (doctors, nurses and other staff) with the patients was better in private hospitals then in the public sector hospitals. Policy Message: Primary and secondary care health units should be upgraded with manpower and facilities, so that patient’s load on tertiary care public sector hospitals is reduced, ultimately resulting in better patient doctor relationships.

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