Hina Zafar Raja, Muhammad Nasir Saleem.
Gaining retention, support and stability of a maxillary obturator..
J Coll Physicians Surg Pak Jan ;21(5):311-4.

Construction of a maxillectomy obturator for any surgical defect requires optimum retention, stability and obturation of defect. In the following case a closed hollow bulb obturator was constructed while utilizing surveying and neutral zone impression technique. After insertion, soft liner was applied to record functional impression of the surgical defect. The obturator was resurfaced with heat cure acrylic to improve the outcome. Patient was able to masticate adequately and speak comprehensively. Patient's resonance, speech, retention and stability were markedly improved. Follow-up was done weekly in first month, fortnightly for the next 2 months then after every 3 months. In succeeding years it will be once every year.

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