Muhammad Ayoob, Zafar Dawood, Sajid Ali Mirza, Quratul Ain.
Refractive errors and their relation to age and sex.
Med Channel Jan ;17(2):28-31.

Objective: To see the prevalence of different refractive errors and their relation to age and sex in our community. Study design: Hospital based cross sectional study Place and duration of study: Out-patient department of Ziauddin University Hospital, from April 2009 to September 2009. Results: Total of 1824 patients were included in the study. Mean age was 28.12 ±14.174 years. Males were 776 (42.5 %) and 1048 (57.5%) were females. In both sex the most frequent refractive error was myopic astigmatism which was found in 740 (40.6%) patients with equal frequency in both sex and the second frequent refractive error was myopia in 570 (31.3%) of patients with males accounting for 28.4% (220 patients) and females 33.4 % (350 patients) (p-value 0.003). Myopia and myopic astigmatism was the most frequent refractive error in age group ranging from 16-30 years i.e. 39% and 51.1% respectively ( p-value 0.001).

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