Shazia Aftab, Ayesha Khan.
Women surviving under the menace of domestic violence.
Med Channel Jan ;17(2):8-12.

Objective: The study aims to estimate the prevalence of domestic violence against women. Material aand Method: This was a cross sectional study conducted in gynae unit 4 from 1st January to 31st June 2010 at Sindh govt. Lyari general hospital, Karachi in which 500 married women were included of 15-64years old attending obstetric and gynecologic clinic and admitted patients in ward of obstetrics and gynecology. Data was collected with the use of questionnaire by interview. Results: In the study the prevalence of lifetime domestic violence was 61.8%, physical abuse was 64%, sexual violence was 14.5% and emotional violence was 26.1% The factors which are frequently found to be associated with violence are substance abuse especially use of tobacco, alcohol and habituating drugs by husband, socioeconomic support, chronic illnesses, low level of education and younger age women. The significant association was seen between violence and drug abuse in women and their husbands. More than 94% of the cases the perpetrator was husband and his mother. Conclusion: The prevalence of domestic violence in women is noted at a level that should raise concern for health professionals. Health services are the best place for routine inquiry and doctors need to be aware of the many potential indicators of domestic violence and that must be eliminated through political, legal and civil actions in all sectors of society.

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