Subhanud Din, Shahida A R Shah.
Haemoglobin level in chronic kidney disease.
J Med Sci Jan ;19(1):15-7.

Objective: To know the frequency of low Haeomoglobin level (Anaemia) in stage 3 and stage 4 chronic kidney disease (CKD). Materials and Methods: This is an observational study and was conducted in the Haematology Department of Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore from June, 2008 to December, 2008. This study included 150 patients, 50 for stage 3 and 50 for stage 4 chronic kidney disease and 50 for control group. Complete blood count was performed on these patients by Haematology analyzer for determination of Hb level. Results: Haemoglobin level in stage 3, 33 (66%) out of 50 patients, had mean Haemoglobin level 9.83 g/dl,  0.978 SD, while rest of the 17 patients had haemoglobin level above 12.5 g/dl. Haemoglobin level in stage 4, 39 (78%) patients out of 50 had mean haemoglobin level 9.1 g/dl, + 1.22 SD while rest of 11 patients had mean Haemoglobin level 12.22 g/dl + 0.56 SD. The haemoglobin level of both the two groups of the anaemic patients were not significetly different from each other, but significantly lower from the control group stage 3, p value .0024 and for stage 4 p value .0022. Conclusion: This study concluded that Anaemia is a significant finding in the patients of chronic kidney disease. These patients therefore require close monitoring for early detection.

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