Ambreen Khalid, Hamid Javaid Qureshi, Khalid Rahim Khan, Aamir Jawad Bhatti, Muhammad Humayoun.
Correlation of varicocele with abnormal semen parameters in young infertile Pakistani males.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;5(2):224-7.

Objective: To study the occurrence and correlation of varicocele with abnormal semen parameters in young infertile males. Study design: Cross sectional study Place and duration of study: Department of Physiology, University of Health Sciences, Lahore from 2009 - 2010 Subjects and methods: The study was carried out in 99 infertile males with male factor infertility who reported to the infertility clinics of Combined Military Hospital and General Hospital, Lahore and fulfilled the inclusion criteria. Complete history was obtained along with thorough physical examination. Semen analysis of all subjects was done. Results: Physical examination and scrotal ultrasound performed on 99 infertile male subjects revealed that 35 men had varicocele. Among these 35 men, 16 men had concurrent oligospermia while 19 were asthenozospermic. Testes of these subjects were relatively smaller than the infertile male without varicocele. Conclusion: It was concluded that the occurrence of varicocele was seen in (34.5%) of infertile subjects. Infertile males with varicocele had abnormal semen parameters, like decreased motility and sperm concentration. Testicular volume of these subjects was lesser as compared to infertile men without varicocele.

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