L A Chughtai, R Bhatti.
Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Human Milk Proteins in Urban and Rural Mothers of Hyderabad Division..
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;6-4:354-6.

The present study was carried out on the lactating mothers during first three months of lactation and in between seven to ten months of lactation to find out any change in amount of proteins This study included 20 cases of lactating mothers of rural and urban population of Hyderabad district. It was observed that milk of lactating mothers of urban areas during 1-3 months (mean morning 13.56 and 7-10 months is (mean morning 11.9 mg/ml), which contains more proteins as compared to mothers of rural areas (mean morning 11.25 mg/ml) and 7-10 months (mean morning 8.53 mg/ml). This indicates that the women belonging to urban areas contains high amount of proteins in their milk than the rural women.

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