Rubina Bashir, Sobia Imtiaz, Muhammad Yasir, Hasan Raza, Syed Mohsin Ali Shah.
Effect of body mass index on serum cystatin C level in healthy subjects.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;4(4):392-6.

Background with aims and objectives: In last two decades, a multitude of clinical studies have investigated the role of cystatin C as a marker of kidney function. Cystatin C belongs to family 2 of the super family of cysteine protease inhibitors. It is produced in all the nucleated cells of the human body and its production rate is constant. Cystatin C is present in all human body fluids. The study was conducted to investigate the effect of Body Mass Index (BMI) on serum cystatin C in healthy population. Study Design: Analytical cross-sectional. Materials and Methods: Eighty five healthy subjects both males and female ages 18-60 years were included in this study group. These subjects were divided into three groups based on BMI as control, over weight and obese. Serum cystatin C was measured by ELISA. Results: The serum cystatin C level was significantly high in over weight and obese groups as compared to control group in both males and females. Conclusion: The present study suggests that BMI affects serum cystatin C level.

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