Mumtaz Ahmad, Iftikhar Ahmad Malik, Sajid Mushtaq, Ahsan Ahmad Alvi, Hamid Shafiq.
Morphological study of conducting system in ischemic heart disease.
Pak J Pathol Jan ;9(2):11-6.

Sudden death which is usually an important manifestation of ischaemic heart disease is attributable to the development of lethal cardiac arrhythmias. The purpose of this study was to see the pathological changes in conducting system of heart which can occur in patients dying of coronary artery disease. A total of fifty cases were studied in AFIP and serial sections of conducting system were examined. Sudden death was observed in 74% of these cases with no prior history of cardiac ailment or at admission to hospital. Atherosclerosis of varying degree was seen in coronary arteries of all the 50 cases. Forty percent of the cases showed evidence of necrosis and nonspecific changes (fibrosis and fatty change) in the conducting system.

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