Abida lqbal, Shamim Raza Bokhari.
Occurance of Rubella Antibody IgG in General Population.
Mother & Child Jan ;35(1):17-22.

Four hundred cases from general population ranging from 0 to 30 years were screened for IgG Rubella antibody using ELISA technique. The prevalence of antibody increased parallel with increasing age.Infants of 0 age group were sampled along with their mothers for the detection of IgG Rubella antibody at the time of birth. The immune status of infants was similar to their mothers. However, in children of 2-23 months the seropositivity fell from 88% to 0% at the age of 6 months and remained so till the age of 23 months.Individuals of 2-30 years the incidence of IgG increased with an increase in age. The immune status of females of child bearing age (15-30) in the present study was 81.78% indicative of reasonable immunity against Rubella virus. Increasing antibody prevalence with increasing age in the general population is suggestive of presence of virus in the environment leading to its horizontal transmission.

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