R A Tasneem, M Kaleem, M K Butt, K Zaheer, H S Ashraf.
Experience of Renal Transplantation: A Review Study.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;6-4:374-5.

End stage renal disease is a devastating physical, economical and social problem for the patients and their family. Renal transplantation is the best treatment option for ESRD patients. A total of 30 patients with live donor kidney transplantation were followed up in Lahore General Hospital, Lahore over a period from October 1998 to June 2000. <p> The aim of study is to report the present situation, high light the problems and identify the factors limiting the number of transplants and further prospect of renal transplantation in Pakistan. The cause of ESRD was HTN 8 (26.7%) drug induced nephropathy 8 (26.7%) chronic G.N. 6 (20%), chronic pyelonephritis 4 (13.3%), calculus renal failure 2 (6.7%), polycystic kidney disease 1 (3.3%) and diabetes mellitus 1 (3.3%). The recipient age ranged between 15-55 years (mean 31.45). The donor age ranged 18-65 years (mean 35.78 years). Relationship of donor to recipient was mother 6 (20%), father 8 (26.7%), brother 4 (13.3%), son 1 (3.3%), cousin (wife) 2 (6.7%), nephew 1 (3.3%), non-related 8 (26.7%). In our study graft survival was 87%, patients survival 90.10% and mortality 9.90%. <p> Transplanted patients has to be better motivated to take medications regularly and must have a financial support to purchase the medicines and get the investigations. lst degree relatives are very limited source of donors in this part of the world and unrelated donors certainly encourage, transplantation.

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