Kmyahya, Huma Yahya, Khalid Iqbal, Azhar Shah.
Minerals and type 2 diabetes mellitus-level of zinc, magnesium & chromium in diabetic and non diabetic population.
J Uni Med Dent Coll Jan ;2(1):34-8.

Back ground: Minerals play a vital role in metabolic pathways in human body. For example Zn plays a key role in the synthesis and action of insulin, both physiologically and in the pathologic state of diabetes. Objective To see the levels of zinc in diabetic & non diabetic population attending AFTH in Faisalabad Research design & methods Thirty test subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus & 30 non diabetes mellitus were selected randomly from (out patients department) OPD of AFTH. Primary end point was to see the level of zinc, but we also screened them for levels of magnesium & chromium. Patients were also stratified to low, middle & high socio economic status. Five ml blood sample was collected from each subject for the analysis of above mentioned elements.1ml serum was drawn from blood sample for wet digestion. Sample was diluted up to 50 ml by using de-ionized water. Digested sample was analyzed by atomic absorption spectrophotometer for minerals. Statistical analysis was done by using analysis of variance (ANOVA). Results Serum zinc level were significantly lower in diabetic subjects than non diabetic (p<0.05).zinc levels ranged from 1.5-4.8 mg/dl in males & 1.7-3.5mg/dl in females of middle socioeconomic group which was very low than normal nondiabetic population. Mg & chromium was also very low. Conclusion Zinc level are very low in diabetic than normal which that may their diabetic control Key words Zn, T2DM, Insulin

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