Arshad Ali Marwat, Amir Amanullah, Khalid Latif.
Evaluation of tripple rubber band ligation for haemorrhoids.
Gomal J Med Sci Jan ;8(2):225-8.

Background: Haemorrhoids is a common problem. Although excisional haemorrhoidectomy is time tested and valuable yet a major and painful procedure. We aimed to evaluate less extensive minor procedure of rubber band ligation for patients suffering from haemorrhoids. Methodology: This descriptive study was conducted from January 2005 to June 2007 at Shifa Hospital Lakki Marwat and Home Welfare Hospital D.I.Khan. A total of 380 patients with haemorrhoids underwent the procedure as a day case. Patients were followed up for one year to note recurrence of the problem and satisfaction of patients. Results: Patients of both genders with age range 15-80 years underwent rubber band ligation. Postoperatively 44(11.56%) patients got the complications like pain, bleeding, vasovagal symptoms and urinary retention. On one year follow-up 16(4.2%) patients got recurrence. Three hundred and thirty two (87.36%) patients were satisfied with the results. Conclusion: Rubber band ligation is safe and effective treatment for first, second and third degree internal haemorrhoids. It can be easily performed as a day case with lesser complication rate and better patient acceptability.

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