Sheraz Jamal Khan, Muhammad Usman, Yasir Abbass, Muhammad Hussain, Mumtaz Ali.
KAP study on malaria.
Gomal J Med Sci Jan ;8(2):204-8.

Background: Knowledge, attitude and practices study about common diseases like malaria is a cost effective way to create awareness in the community. This study was conducted to know the knowledge, attitude and practices regarding malaria in our community. Methodology: The study was conducted in the private clinic of the author. A structured questionnaire was used which contained detailed information about the demography, knowledge, attitude and practice of patients presenting with fever. This was translated to the patient and filled in by the author. Results: Almost all the study subjects knew facts about malaria and all knew about at least one of the symptoms of malaria and 50% knew about three or more cardinal symptoms. Most of them (74%) also knew that blood test should be done to diagnose malaria. Most of the patients (76%) also knew that mosquitoes were the vectors. The knowledge about treatment was good too as 90% could name the drugs. Only 20% knew about prevention and 20% knew about the use of nets but more than 80% did not know about chemoprophylaxis. Conclusion: The knowledge, attitude and practice about malaria has only few loop holes which can easily be corrected through mass awareness about chemoprophylaxis and the use of nets and control of vector.

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