Sami Ullah, Manzoor Ali, Saifur Rahman, Ajmal Khan, Yasir Khalily.
Evaluation of early closure of ileostomy.
Gomal J Med Sci Jan ;8(2):143-5.

Background: Ileostomy is used for surgical management of many congenital and acquired conditions of gastrointestinal tract. This study was conducted to evaluate the results of early closure of ileostomy. Methodology: This case series was undertaken at Saidu Teaching Hospital Swat from January 2007 to January 2010. Closures were carried out with 2-3/0 vicryl (polygalectin 910) in two layers. Patients were kept in the ward postoperatively for 5-10 days, and any complication noted. Results: The patients studied were 45; 28 males and 17 females, with male to female ratio of 1.6:1. Age range was 3-50 years. Duration of stoma was 7-40 days with average of 23.5. Three patients were operated in the same admission, the rest either in 2nd or 3rd admission. Sixteen patients had complications associ- ated with stoma while the rest were admitted only for closure. All patients recovered from anesthesia un- eventfully. Only 2 patients leaked post-operatively, both were having tuberculous abdomen, one died of sepsis and multiorgan dysfunction, and 2nd was re-explored and ileostomy refashioned. Eleven patients developed mild to moderate wound infection, among them 7 were already having skin excoriation. Three patients developed pelvic collection treated conservatively. Five patients remained in ileus for 5-8 days, kept on nasogastric suction and intravenous fluids and improved. Three patients presented later with incisional hernia. Conclusion: Early closure of temporary loop Ileostomy is safe with low morbidity and minimal mortality and reduces the chances of stoma related complications.

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