Habib Ur Rehman, Hazrat Bilal, Qamar Ali.
Comparative study of intramuscular artemether and intravenous quinine in the treatment of cerebral malaria in children.
Pak Paed J Jan ;36(2):75-80.

Objective: To compare the effectiveness of intramuscular artemether with intravenous quinine sulphate infusion in cases of cerebral malaria. Study Design: Randomized clinical trial. Setting: Pediatrics Department, Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar. Duration: 6 months from September 21, 2010 to March 21, 2011 Subjects and Methods: The study cases were divided in to two groups. Group A and B patients were treated with intramuscular artemether and intravenous quinine respectively to compare the effectiveness of the two drugs in cerebral malaria. Results: There were 34 patients of cerebral malaria in each group. In Group A, there were 20 (58.82%) males and 14 (41.18%) females. In Group B, there were 21 (61.76%) males and 13 (38.24%) females. (P = 1.0000). The male to female ratio in Group A and B was 1.42:1 and 1.61:1. The mean ages of patients in Group A and B were 7.6 years + 4.2SD and 7.0 years + 4.3SD respectively (P = 0.5625). The mean duration of recovery of patients in cerebral malaria in Group A and B was 24.8hours + 9.3SD and 30.5hours + 9.1SD respectively (P = 0.0130). Mortality in group A and B was 4 (11.76%) and 5 (14.71%) cases respectively (P = 1.0000). Conclusion: Intramuscular artemether was more effective than intravenous quinine infusion in cerebral malaria.

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