Mohammed Aladwan, Eman Khreisat, Amal Khreisat, Laith Obeidat, Raja Khasawnah, Hazem Alkhaldi.
Gendar and age attributed discrepancy regarding clinical presentation during an acute airway obstruction in an emergency department.
Rawal Med J Jan ;37(2):183-6.

Objective: To assess the presenting features in patients with an acute airway obstruction in emergency setting. Method: This prospective study included 197 patients presenting to our emergency department of Queen Alia Military Hospital from January to June 2011 with acute attack of bronchial asthma. The patients wee divided in two groups; males (Group I, n=98), and females (Group II, n=99) according to intensity (mild, moderate and severe) and incidence of none, some times and very frequently attacks of acute bronchial asthma during the past 24 hours. Results: 50.3 % of all patients presenting to our emergency department with complaint of acute bronchial asthma attacks were females (P>0.05). Conclusion: Although the incidence of clinical presentation of bronchial asthma was almost same in both groups, the severe attacks were significantly more in females than in males in our Jordanian population seen at our emergency department. (Rawal Med J 2012;37:183-186).

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