Malahat Mansoor, Hammad Raza, Rubina Tariq.
Feto-maternal outcome in HEV infection.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;17(1):86-90.

Objective: To observe feto-maternal outcome in HEV +ve patients. Study Design: Observational Study. Place and Duration of Study: Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore from May 2008 to May 2010. Patients and Methods: This study included all pregnant in whom HEV IgM / IgG diagnosed and presen-ted with raised bilirubin (> 2g/dl). Their course of illness and fetal outcome was measured. Results: Out of 33 patients, 54% were less than 25 years and 31% (10/33) were upto 30 years. 15% (5/33) were above 30 years. Parity showed (36.63) ratio between primigravida and multigravida. 7/33 were less than 28 weeks gestation in whom only maternal outcome was studies and rest 26/33 were 28 and more weeks pregnant. Out of 26 patients, 5 babies were found dead in utero and 5 babies expired later on. (38% perinatal mortality). Perinatal morbidity in term of RDS, ANN and jaundice was found in 76% (16/26) babies. A total of 10/33 patients developed worsening of conditions with 6 having DIC, 2 with post partum hemorrhage and 2 with fulminant hepatic failure who expired and 6% mortality in mothers was observed and they were in last trimester. Conclusion: HEV infection during pregnancy is a high risk condition for both mother and baby.

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