Rana Modassir Shamsher Khan, Abida Ijaz.
Correlation of dental calcification and skeletal maturaty indicators.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;17(1):22-6.

Assessing maturational status and pubertal growth spurt of patient have a considerable influence on diagnosis, treatment planning, and the outcome of orthodontic treatment. The hand – wrist radiograph is commonly used for the assessment skeletal develop-ment. There is association between skeletal maturity and different stages of dental calcification, thus stages of dental calcification might be used as a first – level diagnostic tool to estimate the timing of the pubertal growth spurt. The study analyzed the effectiveness of using tooth calcification stage instead of hand – wrist radiograph to assess skeletal maturity. A total of 200 subjects (100 males 100 females) with mean age 12.23 ± 2.33 years visiting the Children‟s Hospital and the Institute Of Child Health Lahore, were included in the study. The skeletal maturity indicators and dental calcification stages were evaluated. Result showed that the canine stage F coincided with the MP3 stage and indicates the onset of a period of accelerating growth. The canine stage G was related to S stage and MP3C-AP stage, and was indicative of rapid growth velocity.

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