Saba Sohail, Zain Majid, Bilal Hussain.
Clinician's views on reporting by the radiology department of a tertiary care hospital in Karachi.
Pak J Med Res Jan ;51(4):120-2.

Background: There are no standard radiological reporting formats therefore reporting varies from person to person. Clinicians are the users of these reports and their satisfaction on reporting can improve the credibility of the radiology department. Objectives: To obtain clinician’s views and assess their satisfaction regarding the current reporting service by the radiology department and to determine ways of improving it. Subjects and Methods: This was a cross sectional study consisting of two main sections. The first section dealt with the existing reporting style while, the second was about the clinician’s preferences on the format of reporting. It was a questionnaire based study where senior physicians representing all departments utilizing the services of the radiology department who consented to participate in the study were included. The results were described as frequencies while, percentages and significance was tested using chi square test. Results: Clinicians were unsatisfied with the detail, timeliness and print quality of the reports. However, clarity and correctness were rated high. Computed Tomography scan was the most satisfactory service offered by the radiology department. Substandard film quality was the most common reason given for requesting a repeat investigation. Clinicians supported the idea that radiologists should give recommendations not only for further radiological investigations but also for non-radiological investigation and further referrals. Most clinicians were unaware of normal size of common body organs. Conclusions: There is a need to enhance communication between the clinician and the radiologist to ensure high quality reporting standards.

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