Pyar Ali, Asma Anwer, Babar Bashir, Rakhshinda Jabeen, Hussain Haroon, Karimullah Makki.
Clinical pattern and outcome of organophosphorus poisoning.
J Liaquat Uni Med Health Sci Jan ;11(1):15-8.

OBJECTIVES: To determine the clinical presentation and outcome of acute organophosphorus poisoning. METHODS: This case series included 100 cases from various medical wards of Civil Hospital Karachi from February 2008 to December 2008. We included all patients of organophosphorus poisoning who showed either signs of muscarinic or nicotinic involvement. However we excluded those patients in which organophosphorus poisoning was doubtful and who were intoxicated with poisoning other than organophosphates. RESULTS: Hundred patients of organophosphate poisoning were admitted among these 68% were males and 32% were females. Modes of poisoning were suicidal in 65% of cases, accidental in 27% and 8% were homicidal. Though the clinical presentation of acute poisoning was variable however the most consistent feature was miosis (98%). According to W.H.O. classification for severity of organophosphorus poisoning; 60% cases were moderate, 28% were severe and 12% were mild. The mortality rate was 20% and mostly among patients who presented with severe symptoms and presented late. CONCLUSION: Pesticides are the major chemical agents which pose a health threat particularly to young people, depressed individual and farm worker so this fetal condition needs rapid diagnosis and early treatment.

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