Mansoor Bukhtiari, Nawaz Anjum, Nadeem Hayat Malik, Shabbit Sheikh.
Relation between Post Angioplasty linear filling defects and severity of pain during Angioplasty.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;4(2):53-4.

There was a significant correlation between the severity of pain during angioplasty and linear filling defects at angioplasty site in post PTA angiograms. Mast interventional radiologists recognized that the pain daring halve no clinical consequences. Our study comprising of 55 angioplasties indicated that moderate to severe pain was associated with Development of linear filling defects at the angioplasty site. As these cracks represents local wall disc, a post angioplasty injections should never be made within the dilated segment, to avoid risk of propagating dissection.

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