Huma Naz, Azra Sultana, Zahida Baqai.
Beneficial effect of cervical cerclage in preventing pregnancy loss.
J Surg Pak Jan ;17(3):112-5.

Objective: To find out results of cervical cerclage in patients with cervical incompetence (CI) for preventing pregnancy loss. Study design: Observational case series. Place & Duration of study: Fatima Hospital Baqai Medical University Karachi, from January 2010 to December 2011. Methodology: Patients with previous history of mid-trimester pregnancy loss, previous early preterm deliveries and cervical length < 2.5cms were included. McDonald cervical cerclage was placed around the cervix between 13-24weeks of gestation with silk no.2 after excluding intra-uterine infection, gross fetal anomaly and placental abruption. Cerclage was removed at 37 week of gestation. The patients and neonates were followed till one week post delivery. Results: A total of 33 patients were included. Pregnancy prolongation with delivery at term occurred in 87.8% (through vaginal delivery in 87.7% and via cesarean section in four -12% cases). Preterm delivery (9%), miscarriage (3%), live born babies (93.9%), fetal survival rate (87.8%), peri-natal death(6%), per-operative complications (12%), post-operative complications (18%) were other findings. Birth weight more than 2500gms was noted in 54.5%. Conclusion: Cervical cerclage has beneficial role in properly selected patients with sonographically short and incompetent cervix.

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