M Mudassir, K J Butt, N Zaidi, A Qayyum.
A Comparison of Peribulbar and Retrobulbar Anaesthesia for Cataract Surgery..
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;6-4:399-0.

This prospective study was done to compare Peribulbar and Retrobulbar anaesthesia for cataract surgery with intra ocular lens implant. Sixty patients with simple senile mature cataract of ASA I-III were randomly allocated to receive either of two anaesthetic blocks. PB was given by two points injection technique while in RB single inferolateral site was used. Facial nerve was blocked by O'Brien technique prior to each block. A local anaesthetic mixture comprising of equal volumes of 0.5% Bupivacaine and 2% Xylocaine plain was used. Results showed no statistically significant difference between two blocks. However, akinesia was slightly better with RB but anaesthesia was better with PB. Patient needed less reblocks with RB. No major complications occurred in both techniques. In conclusion, PB is comparable to RB in providing optimal operative conditions in cataract surgery.

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