Saima Najam, Lubna Riaz Dar.
The effect of anaesthesia modus on amount of blood loss in cesarean sections.
Biomedica Jan ;28(2):153-5.

Introduction: A cesarean section is the delivery of a baby through a incision in the mother’s abdomen and the uterus. It is the most common major surgery that women undergo. In the UK about 1:4 pregnant women give birth by c/section every year. Objective: To compare the effect of spinal and general anaesthesia on the amount of blood loss during cesarean section. It is a cross – sectional study to be carried out at Shalamar Hospital. It was conducted in one year’s time i.e. from 1st March 2010 to 28th February 2011. Methodology: All the patients with low risk of bleeding were enrolled to the trial. The choice of anaesthesia was the patient’s choice after counselling by the anaesthesiologist. The total number of patients enrolled to the trial were 1308 out of which 972 patients received spinal anaesthesia and 336 patients were given general anaesthesia. The Demographic data along with preoperative haemoglobin and haematocrite was recorded on the proforma designed for the purpose. Result: The demographic data including age and gravidity was not statistically different in both the groups similarly the preoperative haemoglobin and haematocrite was also insignificantly different in both the groups. The mean amount of blood loss is 357 ml in the spinal group and 501 ml in the patients who received general anaesthesia, this difference is statistically significant. The postoperative haemoglobin and haematocrite is also significantly reduced in the patients who received general anaesthesia. The rate of transfusion is 14.6% (n = 49) in general anaesthesia group and 3.2% (n = 31) in the spinal anaesthesia group and this difference is also statistically significant. Conclusion: The study proves that spinal anaesthesia is a better choice of anesthesia as it reduces the amount of blood loss and requirement of the post-operative blood transfusion.

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