Shahzeen Fatima, Salma Farrukh Memon, Asmat Kamal Ansari, Abdul Hafeez Baloch.
Hyperhomocystenemia as a risk factor for ischemic stroke.
J Liaquat Uni Med Health Sci Jun ;11(3):158-61.

OBJECTIVES: This study was carried out to evaluate homocysteine as a risk factor for ischemic stroke. DESIGN: Descriptive study SETTING: Isra University & Liaquat university of Medical and health sciences Jamshoro (LUMHS). STUDY DESIGN: Twenty five diagnosed cases of ischemic stroke were selected from different wards of two hospitals. Twenty five healthy age matched persons were taken as controls having no risk factors for stroke. Serum homocysteine level was determined by enzyme immunoassay using commercially available kit. RESULTS: Serum homocysteine level in patients with stroke was 14.0 + 1.9 μmol/Lit and in healthy controls it was 9.0 + 0.58 μmol/Lit. There was statically significant difference (p < 0.05) in the homocysteine level between the two groups yet the level was within normal range. CONCLUSION: Serum homocysteine level is significantly increased in patients with ischemic stroke as compared to the normal healthy individuals having no ischemic stroke risk factors.

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