Fakhra Nazir, Hamayum Rashid Rathor, Imtinan Akram Khan, Soaib Alihassan.
Susceptibility/resistance status of selected insecticides in anopheles mosquitoes of district Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan.
Pak J Public Health Jan ;3(4):15-9.

Introduction:Malaria is the second most prevalent and devastating disease in Pakistan with a tendency for epidemic outbreaks. Control of malaria vector mosquitoes requires the adoption of an appropriate evidence-based policy on the use of pesticides, and having the latest information on the insecticide resistance status of malaria vector mosquitoes is essential for designing effective disease prevention policy. Methods:During this study susceptibility/resistance status of malaria vector mosquitoes in district Gujrat was determined by using World Health Organization (WHO) test kits, utilizing papers impregnated with DDT, Malathion, Deltamethrin, Lambda-cyhalothrin, and Permethrin. Results:The test results showed that Anopheles stephensiis resistant to DDT, Malathion, Permethrin, Lambdacyhalothrin, and Deltamethrin in all four localities of district Gujrat. Conclusion:These results suggest that if appropriate resistance management strategies are applied in this area, then the development of high levels of resistance can still be prevented or slowed. This study forms an important evidence base for the strategic planning of vector control in district Gujrat

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