Soomro I, Kayani N, Pervez S, Hussainy A, Ahmed R, Muzaffar S, Aziz S, Hasan S.
Spinal cord compression: histologic spectrum of lesions.
J Pak Med Assoc Jan ;48(9):266-9.

Histologic diagnosis ultimately determines the prognosis and treatment of lesions causing spinal cord compression. Modern imaging techniques have revolutionized the procedure of localizing lesions presenting with signs and symptoms of spinal cord compression. As a result, these lesions are more accessible for fine needle aspiration and biopsy. A quick diagnosis is possible if cytologic preparation is made. Similarly, intraoperative frozen section facility not only provides rapid diagnosis, but also offers opportunity of appropriate management decision there and then. Histology in many cases needs help of special stains and immunocytochemistry. This study looks at the histologic spectrum of these lesions, gender distribution and age range in Pakistani population.

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