Hafiz Muhammad Asim, Muhammad Shahid Ismail.
The prevalence of chronic low back pain in office workers of Lahore Medical and Dental College and Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, Lahore.
Int J Rehab Sci Jan ;01(01):25-9.

Objective: To find the prevalence of chronic low back pain among LMDC & GTTH office workers and effect of low back pain on their job performance and satisfaction. Methodology: Ninety three workers were enrolled in this study with the help of convenience sampling techniques. 59 of them were male and remaining 34 were female. A cross sectional survey was done. Participants of the study are of both genders and of any age having established diagnosis of chronic low back pain. Duration of the study was 3 months. Results: Out of 93 participants, 63% were males. Pain intensities were found associated with poor habit of sitting during their job hours. 82% of participants were not involved in exercise habit. Only 23.7% of them used adjustable back support. Sleep disturbance was present among candidates. Almost 50% of them had a sleep disturbance episode once or twice a week. 53% of candidates complained of poor job performance. Conclusion; This survey indicates the prevalence of low back pain in the office workers of Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital Lahore. The workers need postural reeducation to prevent the low back pain. Re-education could decrease the cost on treatment but may will increase the functional level, job satisfaction, job quality and other ergonomic characters of patients. LBP does affect the performance during job. By improving the LBP job performance can be increased.

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