Nazeefa Javed, Ayesha Ehsan.
Hypertension and Diabetes a Review at a Tertiary Care Setup.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):1043-5.

Objective To find the burden of hypertension and diabetes among patients admitted in medical wards over a period of three months. Method: It was a across sectional survey of adult patients admitted in medical wards both male and female and fourteen female patients with gestational amenorrhea being admitted in medical ward for blood pressure and blood sugar control. Type of study: Cross sectional observational non interventional study. Results: A total of hundred patients were included in this study who were admitted for their blood pressure and blood sugar control in medical wards of a tertiary care set up over a period of two months the age ranges were from 18 years to 93 years with a majority (95%) being non smoker and 41.2% were obese. The maximum duration of existing high blood pressure being 20 years, a total of 80 subjects had other comorbidities and 71.8% admitted to compliance with treatment. Fourteen pregnant female subjects who had hypertension or diabetes were also enrolled. Three patients in last trimester of pregnancy were hypertensive while the rest were admitted for their gestational diabetes control. Conclusion: A total of 100 patients were included in this study. 85 patients (72 males, 13 females) were admitted in medical ward and there were 14 female patients who presented with gestational amenorrhea. There was female preponderance among 85 subjects however blood pressure control was equal among both genders. Majority patients belonged to middle class of socioeconomic status.

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