Shaista Mobeen, Mohammad Farooq, Akhtar Munir, Zahid Ibrahim.
Comparison of Acridine Orange with Giemsa Staining for Diagnosis of Malarial Parasite.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):1033-4.

Aim: To compare Acridine orange stain with Giemsa stain for diagnosis of malarial parasites. Study design: Cross sectional study Methods: A total of 200 subjects having malarial symptoms were collected from the outpatients departments of various hospitals. The subjects taking anti malarial drugs were excluded from the study. 2ml of venous blood was drawn aseptically in sterile EDTA vial duly labeled. Slides of Thin and thick smears with Giemsa stain for MP and Thin and thick smear with Acridine Orange stain for MP were prepared. Data collected was entered and analyzed in SPSS version 15.0. The positive and negative cases by Giemsa staining and Acridine Orange staining were described by the frequencies and percentage. The comparison between two methods was performed by using Z-test for proportion. P value was calculated between the two means. Results: Among these 200 subjects, malaria positive cases (Group 1), on both staining methods, were 170(85%) and malaria negative cases (Group 2) were 30(15%). Conclusion: The Acridine Orange stain revealed reduced number of fields examined for the MP detection (P<0.01), the minimum time consumed for the first MP detection, more percentage of case detection at low parasitemia, easy to operate and the results were immediately available. The statistical difference in the detection of number of positive cases was non-significant between AO staining and Giemsa staining (P>0.05).

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