Lok M Sinha, Shafqat Hussain, Ishtiaq Sarwar, Aftab Ynunus, Mulazim H Bukhari.
Immediate Surgical Outcome of Pericardiectomy in Constrictive Pericarditis: Mayo Hospital six year experience.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):995-7.

Objective: To determine immediate postoperative surgical outcome of pericardiectomy in constrictive pericarditis (CP). Patients and method: From May 2006 through April 2012, a total of 44 patients diagnosed with CP undergoing pericardiectomy in Department of Cardiac Surgery, Mayo Hospital, King Edward Medical University, Lahore were included in the study. Results: During 6 years period, out of 44 patients, 24(54%) were male and 20 (46%) were female. All patients underwent total pericardiectomy by median sternotomy. Among these patients, 19 (43%) had tuberculous constrictive pericarditis, 24 (54%) had idiopathic pericarditis, and 1 (2%) had previous cardiac surgery. Intra operative pericardial abscess were seen in 4 patients (9%). Early Postoperative CVP was dropped from 21 to 11 mmHg. Our mortality was 11% (5 patients), 4 patients died of low cardiac output and one from respiratory complication. Other early post operative complications were atrial fibrillation, Hemorrhage; and Sternal wound infection. Conclusions: Early diagnosis and surgical treatment of constrictive pericarditis are important to reduce mortality. Adjunctive medical therapy and surgery has better outcome in tuberculous pericarditis.

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