Nadeem Tarique, Mushtaq Ahmad Alam, Shaila Tahir, Uzma Shahid.
Oral Health Knowledge and Practices among Children 10-14 Years Attending Cricket Summer Camp.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):992-4.

Objective: To assess oral hygiene in children in sports and to determine various factors affecting oral health. Subjects and methods: This descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out in 150 children in one month. The study was conducted at Green Cricket Academy Summer Camp Model Town Lahore. The children aged between 10-14 years attending cricket summer camp were included. The children above 14 years of age, craniofacial disorders and history of any systemic disease were excluded from the study. For data collection procedure, formal permission was taken from the concerned stake holder of the cricket ground to collect relevant data regarding the oral dental knowledge and practice. Results: Regarding respondent’s oral health status, poor 23, average 66 and 61 were represented as good in their oral health status. The respondent’s visits to the dentists with oral dental health, 4 poor, 8 average and 1 good were visiting the dentist regularly and 19 poor, 57 average and 61 good were visiting the dentist occasionally. The regularity of the brushing with oral dental health status, 21 poor, 55 average and 59 good were brushing regularly and 2 poor, 9 average and 3 good were brushing occasionally. The respondents to the habit of taking diet included fruit, meat and vegetables with oral dental health status, 4 poor, 27 average and 35 good were taking fruit, meats and vegetables in their diets while 19 poor, 38 average and 27 good were not taking fruit, meats and vegetables in their diets. The habit of taking sweets with oral dental health status of respondents, 22 poor, 46 average and 40 good were in a habit of taking sweets while 1 poor, 19 average and 22 good were not taking sweets. Conclusion: Education about dental health in playgrounds can lead to improve dental hygiene practice, health and better outcomes.

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