Zille Huma, Mehnaz Gondal, Maryam Shoaib, Aliya Amanat.
Outcome of Trial of Labour and Causes of its Failure Patients with Previous one Lower Segment Caesarean Section.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):982-4.

Objective: To determine the outcome of trial of labour and causes of its failure in patients with previous one lower segment caesarean section at term. Patients and methods: 104 patients with labour pains were included in this study. The trial of labour was given to each patient and progress of labour in terms of cervical dilation at the rate of 1 cm/hour was assessed after every four hours. If any one of following three indications like if patients fail to dilate at the rate of 1 cm/hour during this period or any sign of fetal distress or sign of scar tenderness occurred, then repeat C-section was carried out. Results: Seventy two patients were delivered by vaginal delivery and 32 patients by caesarean section. Failure to progress was found in 18 patients, fetal distress in 10 patients, scar tenderness on abdominal examination in 2 patients and pulse rate >100/minutes in 2 patients. Conclusion: Women with one previous caesarean section should be encouraged to attend hospitals providing comprehensive emergency obstetric care. The quality of intrapartum monitoring should be audited to improve maternal and newborn outcome.

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