Karim Shah Faizi, Tanveer Hameed, Khalid Azim, Sajid Mukhtar, Hamid Ahmad.
Diagnostic Accuracy of Trucut Biopsy in the Detection of Breast Lumps.
Pak J Med Health Sci Jan ;6(4):979-81.

Objective: To determine the diagnostic accuracy of Trucut biopsy in the detection of breast lump, taking post-surgical histopathology as gold standard. Study design: Cross-sectional survey Subjects & methodology: The study was conducted at the Department of Surgery, Sahiwal Medical College/DHQ Teaching Hospital, Sahiwal, from 07-02-2011 to 6-02-2012. A total of 40 married and unmarried females > 15 years of age with clinically palpable lump in the breast were recruited in this study. All female patients having acute breast abscess, previously operated and non-motivated patients were excluded from study. Informed consent was taken from all patients for performing Trucut biopsy before surgery. It was a cross-sectional descriptive study. Demographic data was recorded. Previous history was taken and physical examination was done. The core biopsy was performed by using a Trucut gun with an 18-gauge needle. The samples were sent for histology. Results: Diagnostic accuracy of Trucut biopsy in diagnosis of breast lumps was 90% while sensitivity 96.7%, specificity 70%, positive predictive value 90.6% and negative predictive value was 87.5%. Conclusion: With the help of Trucut/core needle biopsy many patients can be prevented from unnecessary surgery. It helps in diagnosing breast cancer in younger aged patients having suspicious lumps.

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